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About Us and is privately owned and operated.We are located in The Midwest just outside of the city of Chicago. We value our reputation and value our customers. All products are guaranteed as stated within our policies. 

General Information & Ordering -SHIPPING INFO
Most orders ship via UPS or USPS
Hawaii and Alaska may require additional shipping charges. 

WE DO NOT have a store or warehouse where you can 'pick up' items. All orders MUST be placed online and shipped accordingly.

Shipping Liability
Should your package get lost or damaged please contact us. Losses will be determined based on circumstances and investigations by the shipper used. We may require a signature for some deliveries. We are not responsible for items that are left out or lost in a mailroom. If your order takes longer than 2 weeks from the time you order please check your tracking info and inform us of the issue. 

 If your package is returned due to giving an improper address a second shipping charge will be required before we re-ship if it is determined it was not our error.
PayPal users and credit card holders should provide a correct billing address when ordering. Unconfirmed addresses are due to entering a billing address that is not confimed. PayPal protects the seller and buyer against fraud and entering an accurate billing address is a must to protect from fraud so be sure to provide correct address information.

Cancellation Of Order

Once an order has shipped we cannot cancel an order. Orders are generally processed and shipped within 24 hours of being placed, except for bulk orders which will require more time. A bulk order is any order over 50 units or quantity orders that we do not ordinarily carry that quantity of in our normal stock.
As of May 7th, 2019 there will be an order cancellation fee of 3% to cover the fees charged to us by our merchant provider.

We highly recommend  against  quantity purchases if you do not know the product's capabilities  and  highly recommend the purchase of (1) Qty for your inspection before placing larger orders. All BULK orders carry a 25 % restocking fee except those that we have to special order which there are no refunds.
Bulk orders on items we do not have in stock require us to put in a special order with either our suppliers or manufacturers. Turn around time will be longer and we will notify you of the approximate turn around time. Because we have to pay our suppliers for bulk orders in advance for the items and the shipping of items there are no refunds for bulk orders.
If you order several hundred of an item we in turn put that order in with our supplier and then have them drop ship that to you directly.  To protect us from loss on a bulk order is why we cannot give a refund once we place orders with our suppliers.

Return Policy 

On ALL products we have a 15 day return policy. Items that are liquid or powder are not returnable unless defective or damaged. Items due to improper use, used items or items without original packaging (if applicable) are not returnable. If you find  that there is  a defect in a product please email us for return authorization approval. Loose items must be returned in original condition. Return authorization must be given before sending any items back. All returns are subject to a 20% restocking charge. Special orders and large quantity purchases may not be returned. Return permission is determined on a case by case basis at our discretion. If an item does not seem to be performing properly we will offer you email support to help troubleshoot any problems. Returned items must be returned no later then 30 days after authorization is arranged to receive a credit. If you are dissatisfied with your products, you MUST contact us via email to arrange a solution. We do not refund shipping charges unless we have caused the error in shipment. If you do notice an error in shipment, do not hesitate to call us and we will rectify the matter immediately. Please open your package when received to insure you received all items and that they are in working order.
Please enclose the original receipt or shipping confirmation slip.   Please  notify  us  in advance by any of the provided means of contact that the return is on its way in order to ensure prompt processing. You should insure your return for your protection.
Shipping charges are non-refundable. Shipping costs on returns are the responsibility of the customer unless an item is truly defective. No product will be shipped in a damaged state. If any damage has occurred during the shipping process, please contact us immediately so that we can make arrangements for the return of the item at no expense to you, as well as issuing a credit, refund, or replacement. If free or special shipping prices were provided and an item is returned for a refund because it was not desired we may elect to deduct the actual shipping cost from the refunded amount.

Order Inquiries
To check on an order, you must email us with the name and address the package was going to, your email address and phone number, the date the order was placed (very important), and last of all, how the order was paid for (money order, check, PayPal, etc). Also where the item was purchased from. Tracking information is sent out for every order. Please check your junk mail folders or that you provided the correct email address for contact.

Wrong or Missing Items

If you discover a missing item or an item is not what you ordered, it should be reported to us within 15 days of delivery.

Placing an order
All orders must be placed online, we currently do not offer ordering off line or phone orders.

Kits and substitutions
We offer a variety of kit based products at special pricing. The included black light may vary slightly from those pictured in the kit but will be of similar functionality, we source our lights from a variety of different vendors depending on availability and price.

Web Site, Mail and Phone Customer Affirmation

By visiting the website and ordering you affirm that you are at least 18 years of age (21 in some  jurisdictions) and that you are acting in good faith that you are not requesting any information or ordering products that is unlawful  in  your country, county, city  or state. You also agree to the terms of our policies at the time of placing your order.

Wholesale Information

Globright  is an authorized seller for all of the products you see on the this website. We may offer discounts to bulk purchases for certain items as available on the site. We do not offer wholesale pricing.
We do not manufacture any of the items on our website.

Company Disclaimer
Limits of Product Liability

Globright makes no warranty of any kind whatsoever, expressed or implied, and any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose is hereby disclaimed by Globright. for the products we carry. Globright shall not be liable for any consequential or incidental damages, monetary loss or expenses arising from the use or inability to use the products we sell for any purpose whatsoever. Only such warranties as are made by the manufacturer of the goods are available to the buyer. By purchasing these products from Globright the consumer recognizes that these products are manufactured for specific safety and entertainment purposes and reasonable care, caution and supervision should be exercised in their use. Unacceptable uses include, but are not limited to throwing (including use as a projectile, weapon or as part of entertainment that may cause injury to someone), modification of the product, human ingestion or consumption or dismantling (including cutting, tearing, ripping or chewing which exposes the internal contents thereof) and is a violation of the intended safe use of all luminous products. If such violation occurs, the consumer agrees to exempt and release Globright. and the manufacturer, its directors, officers, agents, servants and employees, from any and all liability, claims, demands or actions or causes of action whatsoever arising out of any damage, loss, injury or death as a result of their use. This release encompasses all losses, damages, injuries and deaths resulting from any cause, whether the fault of the user, a defect in the product or misuse regardless of intention. This product liability limitation cannot be amended, altered or made void by any representative either verbally or in writing of Globright, or the manufacturer and the consumer agrees to the terms of these limitations when purchasing or receiving merchandise from Globright.  If you do not agree to these terms, then you should not purchase or request products from Globright. Although safe none of our products should be used in and around food nor should anything be ingested. Customer assumes all liability for misusing products in a way they are not intended. By viewing our website or ordering products from us indicates that you agree to the policies set forth on our website. If buyer disagrees with our policies they should refrain from using our products.

​It is the user's responsibility to determine the safety, toxicity and suitability of his own use, handling and disposal of the product. Additional literature may be available upon request.

Privacy does not  sell, rent or trade your  information  with any outside  source. We share identifiable information only  with those parties entrusted with  the processing of  your account  and  the fulfillment of your order. In the rare instance of a lost parcel we will share only information required of us by the  shipping service to assist with the tracking of your shipment. Of course, this policy does not apply to information we are required to disclose by law. 

Credit/Purchase orders
We do not accept credit of any kind. Orders must be placed online.

Copyright info
All photos on website have been used with permission or may be property of

Often times customers will ask us if our products will work with specific applications. Most of these are listed on the site however we still get some very unusual questions. As we cannot possibly test products in every possible scenario it will be up to the user to discover if a product will work under certain conditions or on certain materials. Any application should be within the intended use of the product in question. For example, Our germ juice and Glogerm products are intended for hand washing and surface contamination training. No other application is recommended, nor should it. Germ juice & Glo germ is also intended for use with water only and not hand sanitizers.

Glo Germ, Germ Juice notes
These products are simply teaching tools to teach awareness and promote proper cleaning, hand washing, hygiene, and cross contamination. By no means to any of them guarantee that hands or any surfaces are clean or sanitary. They are not cleaning products but cleaning teaching tools. It is up to the instructor or user to implement the cleaning procedures they see fit and follow CDC and similar recommendations by governing bodies. We are distributors of these products and the information provided for the products on our site has been provided by the manufacturers.

Availability of products

Like any vendor we depend on our suppliers to fill our orders as inventory runs low. From time to time our suppliers also run low on stock and as we do not have a real time inventory we may run out of certain items.
If your order is going to take longer than 7 working days to fill we will attempt to let customers know. When an item runs out of stock we may elect to place a note that a particular item is out of stock as well. If you are under time constraints please contact us regarding availability especially if you are ordering in quantity.
Bulk orders will almost always require extra time so please plan accordingly. Once we place an order with our supplier for quantity orders (typically 25 units or more) they cannot be refunded.

Bulk orders

Because we are distributors and not manufacturers of the products we carry we may not have larger quantities of items in stock and as stated above will take extra time to arrive. However our partners and suppliers can typically make and put together quantity orders as needed. If this is the case we will state an approximate turn around time as to when you can expect your item to ship and provide tracking information when it becomes available. approximate turn around time can be 1-3 weeks, sometimes longer, depending on the quantity. Once you place a bulk order please be aware that we in turn put an order in to our suppliers and have to pay our suppliers for materials and once we do this there can be no cancellations or refunds. This is why we strongly suggest trying a quantity of one of any product to be absolutely sure it meets your needs. We consider a bulk order 25 units or more of any one item. 

We reserve the right to cancel and refund any orders containing pricing or electronic errors. 
Most Questions will be answered the same business day.
IMPORTANT! Before you contact us: 
Most orders ship within 24-48 hours during the weekdays & 5-7 business days to receive. Most orders ship using USPS or UPS. We do not offer any other express shipping options. Online orders are processed via our merchant provider, Paypal. If you have a paypal acct. be sure it is up to date & include Suite or Apt. # if applicable.
You do not need a Paypal account to order online. 
The Contact us form below is for CUSTOMERS ONLY. No SPAM, SEO's or solicitations PLEASE!